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Tim Klauke

Tim KlaukeLocating ourselves in our own shoes, bodies, hearts and minds, is one of the best postures from which to ascertain where God is loving us, inviting us, leading us, challenging us, wooing us, deepening us, surprising us. This is the terrain of spiritual direction – a kind of spaciousness that helps me find my way home to myself and to God, from which I can enter more wholly into ways of love and freedom. Risky, and sometime unsettling terrain, but nonetheless, the pathway to opening to and encountering a God who is with us and for us. It’s a privilege and humbling to get to offer this kind of space for others too.

After seasons in both teaching and administration, my training as a spiritual director began through SoulStream in 2016 alongside a Masters in Spiritual Formation through Carey and many years after a Diploma in Christian Studies through Regent College. I trained in Supervision with Lucy Abbott Tucker in 2020. With my wife and two teen children, I have been active in my local East Vancouver church for over 20 years, where I have offered leadership in retreat facilitation, workshops, prayer, spiritual direction, teaching, worship, board governance, children’s programming, and administration. Replenishment comes most readily in listening in the quiet of my garage office, running with my bernadoodle Kona, open water swimming, growing tomatoes, fishing for salmon, preparing food for people around my table, and watching the pen of my journal show me what my life is telling me.