About Art of Spiritual Direction

Program Topics

  • Introduction to spiritual direction
  • Theology, scripture, history of spiritual direction
  • Arc of a spiritual direction session
  • Listening with the heart
  • Skills: deep listening to help the story emerge
  • Before spiritual direction begins:  the initial session conversation
  • Discernment
  • Common issues in spiritual direction
  • Suffering
  • Spiritual direction in your own skin
  • Ethical considerations in spiritual direction
  • Sexuality and spiritual direction
  • Where am I now and where to from here
  • Supporting your practice of spiritual direction
  • Supervision
  • Peer supervision

ASD - small group meeting

In the midst of the COVID-19 reality, SoulStream is discerning the way forward event by event. For some events, that may involve cancelling.  For others, postponing.  And for others, creatively exploring alternate ways of gathering.
We will communicate through the website and to those individually affected via email.