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We welcome you to SoulStream’s Art of Spiritual Direction Program

ASD program coordinators

As one expression of SoulStream’s desire to walk with, listen to, and care for others with compassion and vulnerability, we offer the Art of Spiritual Direction training program. Our program centers on nurturing the gift of listening. It is a simple gift, deeply attentive, expressly spacious and gently tenacious. It is also a sacred gift.

The Art of Spiritual Direction is a community of learning and support inviting participants to journey deeper into contemplative experience with God while growing in the art and skill of accompanying others as they awaken to God’s presence in all of life.

The program includes interactive classroom study as well as experiential practice in the classroom with fellow classmates, out of the classroom with volunteer directees and regular one-on-one sessions with a supervisor. Journaling and reflection papers deepen the learning.

Please know that you are welcome here and invited to explore the possibility of nurturing this sacred gift of listening in you.

May God’s Spirit guide your discernment,


Pearl Nieuwenhuis


Doug Schroeder

Program Coordinators

SoulStream is a dispersed contemplative community seeking to live authentically with Christ by encouraging one another to receive the gift of God’s loving presence in all of life.

In the midst of the COVID-19 reality, SoulStream is discerning the way forward event by event. For some events, that may involve cancelling.  For others, postponing.  And for others, creatively exploring alternate ways of gathering.
We will communicate through the website and to those individually affected via email.