“Among the essentials for personal formation in our era is spiritual direction. Indeed, I honestly feel I would be lost (and was) without it. However, spiritual direction faces a quality control issue. It’s not simply a skill we’re born with or can learn from books. To be safe and nourishing, spiritual direction is an art learned through seasoned practitioners in supervised community. In my experience, those who come through SoulStream’s Art of Spiritual Direction program have received just that, and can be counted on as trustworthy companions on the path of spiritual formation. For that reason, I wholeheartedly recommend SoulStream’s Art of Spiritual Direction.”
~ Brad Jersak (Ph.D), author of A More Christlike God

“My spiritual director has been a significant companion in my personal spiritual life for nearly a decade, providing a steadfast space of grace, reflection and attentiveness that has helped sustain, renew and transform my relationship with God.  Whenever I am asked to refer a spiritual director or suggest a resource for training in spiritual direction I always recommend SoulStream with full confidence because my spiritual director who was trained through the Art of Spiritual Direction now also trains others in the same program.”
~ Rev. Dr. Ted Ng, Lead Pastor, Faith Community Christian Church Vancouver

ASD - women sharing a meal

“The Faith & Spirituality Centre has welcomed a chaplain trained in spiritual direction by SoulStream to our centre for over six years now. In my view, one of the primary benefits of spiritual direction at the Faith and Spirituality Centre is that students are met where they are.  Student feedback has been very positive, as there is very little opportunity on and off campus to build this kind of intentional spiritual development. The Faith & Spirituality Centre at the University of Calgary sees the service of spiritual direction as a great gift to our campus community.”
~ Adriana Tulissi, Manager, Faith & Spirituality Centre, University of Calgary