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2020-2022 Cohort

Bethlehem Centre, Nanaimo, British Columbia. See their website for location details and other helpful information about this sacred space.

Dates for the intensives: 
Intensive 1: October 23 – 29, 2020
Intensive 2: April 16 – 22, 2021
Intensive 3: October 22 – 28, 2021
Intensive 4: April 29 – May 1, 2022

Received beginning January 15, 2020

June 1, 2020


  1. Applicants must receive ongoing regular spiritual direction for at least a year prior to the start of the program.
  2. Our standard and preferred course prerequisite for Art of Spiritual Direction is the completion of SoulStream’s one year program, Living From the Heart.

  An equivalent to Living From the Heart may include the following from Carey Theological College:

  • the two year Spiritual Formation certificate plus their course A Deepening Life of Prayer, or
  • the two year Spiritual Formation certificate plus SoulStream’s directed study course Contemplative Prayer 

We recognize that people interested in our program will come from many different experiences of spiritual formation. If you are seriously interested in the Art of Spiritual Direction and want to know if your experience of spiritual formation could be used as a prerequisite in lieu of Living from the Heart, please refer to the pre-application page. Click here.

Application Process

The primary lens our team uses to consider applications is a careful review and discernment of suitability and resonance to the heart of our program. If however, there are more suitable and resonant applications than spaces available, then your application will be considered based on the date of completion.

Your application will be complete once SoulStream receives the following items by the June 1 deadline:

  1. $75 CDN non-refundable application fee.
  2. Your online response to the application questions.
  3. Two references:
    • One online reference from your spiritual director.  Forward this link to your spiritual director.
    • One online reference from another mature Christian, whose walk with God you respect deeply who can speak to your relationship with Jesus and your growing interest in spiritual direction. This should not be a close family member. Forward this link to your reference.

Program Fees and Payment Schedule

Program fees* for Art of Spiritual Direction 2018-2020 are as follows:

  • $4100 will cover course fees including all facilitation, course materials and supervision.
  • $2394 will cover all accommodation fees at King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre.

Course and accommodation fees will be payable as follows:

  • 50% within one month of acceptance to the program ($3,247)
  • 50% by September 1, 2018 ($3,247)

Not covered by program fees are:

  • Personal spiritual direction
  • Books required for the course
  • Transportation

Cancellation Policy

SoulStream recognizes that unforeseen circumstances may arise that may cause participants to withdraw from the cohort. However, the format of the course makes it difficult to fill vacancies left by last minute cancellations and SoulStream faces our own cancellation fees and non-recoverable prepayments. With this in mind, the cancellation policy for Art of Spiritual Direction is:

  • Accepted program participants who cancel before September 1, 2018 will be reimbursed 50% of the total course fees plus 10% of the total accommodation fees.
  • Accepted program participants who cancel after September 1, 2018 will receive no reimbursement of the total course fees but will receive 10% of the total accommodation fees.

* For options to fit Art of Spiritual Direction into your life financially, see FAQ: Is there financial support available?