“Where carefully crafted instruction and guided learning meet Transforming Love: the Art of Spiritual Direction has facilitated in me a deep, paradigm-disrupting, heart-healing two-year exploration into the care of souls. It is an invitation into the love of God, community and true Self that expands capacity for holding the story and hearts of those looking for a companion on life’s wobbly journey.”
~ Sandra McDonald (2020) Calgary

“The soil of my soul is richer from spending the last 18 months with this group of courageous, vulnerable and compassionate companions. As I’ve noticed my weeds, stones and parched places, alongside the places blooming with flowers and bursting with life, I’ve experienced God and friendship in new and stirring ways. I’m grateful for the space to become more myself and I’m better able to hold that same space for others.”
~ Nate Lepp (2020) Chilliwack

“I’m deeply grateful to have taken this particular spiritual direction training program. As a “head” person, it can be easy for me to want more and more understanding. But God has used this course with its focus on trusting the Spirit and listening well to God, self, and others, and with its beautiful modelling of love and acceptance and working together, to shift my understanding of what is most important in a healthier direction. I have been deeply stretched and am so grateful for the ways I have grown through this course.”
~ Carolyn Watts (2018) Vancouver

“It was evident to me from the very outset that every aspect of The Art of Spiritual Direction was skillfully, lovingly, and prayerfully designed so that spiritual direction was “caught” as an experience rather than just “taught” as a subject. The program provided a robust regimen of practicing spiritual direction under loving supervision, along with wonderful, soul-feeding reading. I valued the ecumenical conversation, which was Christ-centred, Trinitarian, and anchored in the story of Scripture. The greatest outcome for me has been the sheer joy I have experienced in being able to offer the gift of spiritual direction to others.”
~ Gordie Lagore (2018) Vancouver

“I entered this program with the hope and expectation of developing the capacity to offer spiritual direction. What I encountered exceeded my expectation in the program’s effective pedagogy, appropriately paced training and practice opportunities, and eye for formation of each participant. Believe me, 18 months is not too long a time if the goal is to be formed as a director and not simply taught information. Between intensives the facilitators took to heart participant feedback, and amended their approaches accordingly. These facilitators shared not only their experience and the art of their craft but their hearts and love as well. 5 stars!”
~ Tim Klauke (2018) Vancouver

“As I began the ASD program, I was hopeful that I would become more equipped to offer a space for others to enter their own journey towards healing by listening and noticing where God is showing up in their stories. I noticed as I completed the program that being equipped was only a small piece of what I encountered. What I am savoring most is the deepening that took place. Yes, the deepening of my skills. But, even more, I am savoring the invitation into deeper presence with God, with myself, and with others. The safety the ASD facilitators offer throughout the intensives offers students the sacred space needed for learning and growth, whatever the personal goals and circumstances. I am humbled and grateful.”
~ Beth Griffiths (2018) Seattle

ASD - men meeting together

“As a spiritual director in training with Art of Spiritual Direction, I became more deeply aware of the ‘God who is at work’ in my own life, accepting me as I am. I experienced a newfound freedom in living from that place of ‘welcome’, becoming more open to walking alongside others in love.”
~ Nadine Frew (2016) Abbotsford

“I am so thankful to have been part of SoulStream’s Art of Spiritual Direction course. We were led by compassionate and openhearted facilitators into a beginning (and ever-growing!) skill set of spiritual direction. This course not only ushered me into the privileged place of offering space to others but it also brought a fuller richness to my personal life and existing ministry involvements. The resources, teachings, exercises, ponderings, discussions, assignments, practice and support given laid a solid foundation from which to begin to offer spiritual direction.”
~ Liesel Spicer (2016) Edmonton

“What a gift the Art of Spiritual Direction has been to me. There was a depth of hospitality the facilitators extended. Although I knew I was being invited into a season of vulnerability and openness unlike I had experienced before, the facilitators created a space that was open, inviting, and full of grace.

There was such a rich combination of reading, self-reflection, conversation, soul care group interaction and opportunity to actually offer spiritual direction under supervision. I have grown in awareness of God’s unwavering love for me and have learned that it is in receiving divine compassion that I am better able to offer it to others.”
~ Nelson Boschman (2016) Pastor, Vancouver