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Carrie Dickman

Carrie DickmanOne of the hardest yet greatest joys of my life is to have found my way to the contemplative way of life. I didn’t know exactly what my heart was looking for, and immediately knew I had found my way home when I sat for the first time in the circle at Kings Fold Retreat Centre in 2009 and began the Living from the Heart course. I experienced this feeling again as I entered my Art of Spiritual Direction training in 2014. I am forever changed as a result of the training I received and continue to receive as part of the SoulStream community.

What a joy and privilege it is to hold space for the people I accompany in Spiritual Direction and in Supervision. To bear witness to the transformation that takes place in these spaces is another one of my life’s greatest joys. The Irenaeus quote, “the glory of God is a human being fully alive” feels like invitation to be present to all that life offers. Being awake to beauty in all its forms brings me life, and I love to capture it in photos and share them with the ones I love.