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Laurel Pritchard

Laurel PritchardMore and more as I live into spiritual direction both as a practice and a vocation, I am exploring what it means to open up to Love.  I have been intrigued by the spiritual formation journey we are all on for most of my life.  My earliest memories are of wondering about myself in relationship to others, God, and the world.  That curiosity has led to adventures in education and meaningful experiences in fascinating places.  I became a teacher almost 30 years ago.  Along the way, I went on to complete a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, the Centre for Spiritual Formation and I completed ASD in 2012.

I came to Spiritual Direction with my raw longing for depth beyond what I could learn or places I could visit. For me spiritual direction has been a place of connecting the dots, of telling the truth, of deep listening and an astonishing awareness that God’s boundless love seeps into all of life.  Currently, I divide my time between working with budding artists at the school where I teach in Northern Alberta and the rugged shores of Bowen Island, BC where I am privileged to soak up sabbath rhythms.  It is an honour and a delight to offer spiritual direction and supervision from both of those places.  I love good coffee, writing poems, swimming in the ocean, and watching the light change from my porch in the evening.