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Process for review of alternate experience to Living from the Heart for approval to apply to Art of Spiritual Direction.

If you are interested in the Art of Spiritual Direction but have not taken Living from the Heart or the Carey equivalent, you are asked to provide information to assure the facilitators there has been significant movement toward an integrated contemplative life experience. This is actually the most important piece for us.

If you wish to receive credit for your spiritual formation experience, please write about your spiritual transformation process including the following areas:

  • movement to live from the heart,
  • evidence of a sense of one’s identity in God,
  • awareness of false self struggles,
  • exploration of one’s gifts and shadow side of those gifts,
  • receptivity to intimate relationship with God, a deepening of one’s life experience of discernment and contemplative listening to God in daily life.

In addition, we request you write about your experience of receiving spiritual direction and your growing discernment process around God leading you into a deeper ability to come alongside others. We anticipate your written reflection will be several pages in length, long enough to develop each of the requested areas.

The fee for the review of your written submission is $350 CDN. It includes an interview if needed and assessment if additional work is required. If supplementary work is recommended beyond this initial submission, there will be an additional review and assessment fee.

Once we have approved your alternate experience, you may begin the application process to Art of Spiritual Direction. Please note this does not guarantee acceptance into the course, just as guaranteed acceptance is not given to those applicants who meet the stated prerequisites.